Fixed Deposit Account

Keeping a keen eye on the future and taking action to protect it is a great way to achieve your medium to longer-term financial goals. It could be building a nest egg for retirement or a targeted investment for education.
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Fix your money in the Lavender Microfinance Bank Fixed Deposit Account and relax knowing that your return is guaranteed.

It is an investment account with a specific amount invested at an agreed interest rate and tenor. Based on customer’s instructions, at the end of agreed period (tenor), the investment can either be rolled over (re-invested) or liquidated (returned to customer) with the interest amount earned.

  • Investment period (tenor) is a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 360 days.
  • Minimum opening balance is #50, 000
  • Amount can be terminated before maturity but accrued interest will be forfeited.
  • Amount can be terminated at customer’s discretion
  • Attractive interest rate
  • What is the tenor for fixed deposit? It varies between 30 days and 360 days.
  • Can the investment be rolled over? Yes, based on an instruction from the customer.
  • Can the investment be terminated before maturity? Yes, investment can be terminated before maturity; however a portion of accrued interest will be forfeited.

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