Get an End-well account

Get an End-well account

Are you a private or government worker looking for improvement in your finances?

All you need is an End-well account to help you with your finances after retirement. With an End-well account you won’t have to depend on your pension or gratuity to sustain yourself and family.

And End-well account gives you so much more than a normal savings account can. You can finance your business or start a business with the savings you have in your End-well account , which limits your dependence on your monthly pension package.

It’s not Magic, its pure facts. Get an End-well account now and start saving for your future and retirement plans.

To know more on how to get started with the End-well account;

Listen to this stream from our radio channel, OGBC FM 90.5 on End -well account to know more about the benefits attached.

For more information and further inquiries, contact our customer care line on +234-818-162-0000 or send us a mail on

To open an account online, CLICK HERE

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