Why you need a Current account, easy access to surplus funds…

Why you need a Current account, easy access to surplus funds…
Lavender Micro finance Bank current account is an account that allows you to access a range of banking services, such as receiving money (like your salary, pension or benefits payments), paying bills, and setting up direct debits and standing orders to make regular payments. This account suits anyone who wants or needs full access to the banking system.
  • Internet Banking.
  • MazzaCash Mobile banking app.
  • Email/SMS Alerts.
  • Cheque Book.
  • Access to Overdraft and Loan services (Personal loan, Motorcycle loan, Asset Acquisition loan).
  • Loan repayment plan of your choice.
  • Advisory services on money management plans.
  • Account form duly completed.
  • 3 clear recent passport photograph of signatory.
  • Identification of signatory ( National ID, Voters card, Driver’s license or International Passport).
  • 2 Satisfactory references.
  • Public Utility receipt dated within the last 3 months (PHCN bill, Water rate bill, tenement rate, rent receipt, telephone bill).
  • Opening minimum balance of #2,000.
  • MazzaCash Internet Banking.
  • In-branch at any Lavender Micro finance Bank branch.
  • MazzaCash Mobile Banking app- 24/7 on your smartphone.
  • Lavender Micro finance Bank website; account opening

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