Get stable, Get savings account.

Get stable, Get savings account.

The Lavender Savings Account is recommended if you have a specific savings goal in mind or you just want to start putting money aside.

We offer various savings account to suit your lifestyle needs with unique benefits designed to match your personal banking needs as you grow.

If you have an extra sum of money at hand after paying your bills, the best option for you is to put it in a savings account. Whether you have a short term savings plan or you intend to save over a longer period to provide important capital to fund future projects, a savings account could help out, because not only do your money accrue interests, it also has access to financial assistance in form of Loans and Overdraft.

The requirements for opening a savings account are as follows;

  • A valid means of Identification; National ID card, Voters card, Driving license or International passport
  • 3 recently taken passport photographs; if you are opening online, you only need to upload one.
  • A recent utility bill payment receipt (within the last 3 months); PHCN or Water bill..
  • A deposit of #1,000 for account opening

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