What Every Child Needs; It’s a Necessity!

What Every Child Needs; It’s a Necessity!

Every Child’s desire and joy is to come of age and realize the parents have a lay-down plan and trajectory for  his/her growth and success. It’s always easier that way. It boosts the child’s morale, reduces the tension and susceptibility to negative peer pressure which is the basis and major reason behind every wrong decision a child takes while growing up.

Planning for your kid’s future should be the top priority of parents as it guarantees long lasting success for the kid which is why we have put together a highly attractive and beneficial package to ease the stress you may encounter when planning for them.

Our Kid’s Savings Account offer more than just an account for you, It is put together to assist you all the way from the birth of your unborn child through  to his/her growth to becoming an adult.


  • Convenient contribution through direct payments at the bank.
  • Security of investment, professionally managed by leading asset managers.
  • Effective monitoring of the fund by independent board of trustees.
  • Life Insurance for Investor (optional).
  • Education Advisory services.
  •  Access to funds anytime, anywhere.

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