Savings Account Tips

Savings Account Tips

Save and earn highly competitive interest monthly. Our savings account lets you save towards various goals including your emergency fund with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are ready for the unexpected. This savings can be for impending expenses, we have setup our accounts in such a way that it will meet your every need.

Some of these accounts include;

Festive account: You can save towards any celebration/Festivity.

Education account: Are you looking to further your primary/tertiary studies abroad or Nigeria?. This account is perfect for you. We have counseling committees that are ready to assist you all the way, as part of the benefits.

Salary account: This account comes with access to loans and overdrafts with reasonable standard repayment plan of your choice.

Kids account: You can start planning for your child’s future because they are the “leaders of tomorrow”. Saving for your child especially the unborn goes a long way to help off-set some unexpected expenses that may arise at child birth and in their lifetime, if the savings is a continuous process.

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What you need to know

  • Earns interest at highly competitive rate
  • Full e-banking options including internet banking, mobile banking and ATMs
  • You get access to a customer care centre, which is open 24/7
  • Counseling and Advice on money management

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